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I recommend Flywheel for all my customers who are going down the WordPress route.
It's a no brainer.

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When I need more control over my stack, I use DigitalOcean. It's one of the best around and it's cheap too!

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GitHub Actions Hackathon teamed up with GitHub to put on a hackathon based on building and sharing GitHub Actions, individual tasks that can be combined to create a custom workflow. The Hackathon ran from August the 14th 2020 through to September 17th 2020 with the opportunity to win some prizes at the end!

Despite using GitHub almost every day I've no real experience with GitHub actions, but this year I'm trying use each of the Dev hackathons to expand my skills and understanding of new technologies. I decided once again to base this around Eleventy as it's a tool I'm using a lot at the moment and I love giving back and contributing to this community where I can.

I logged my progress as I went along for this series.