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I recommend Flywheel for all my customers who are going down the WordPress route.
It's a no brainer.

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When I need more control over my stack, I use DigitalOcean. It's one of the best around and it's cheap too!

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GitHub Actions Hackathon - Published GitHub Action

Sometimes it can take a lot of doing the incorrect method to put you back on the right path. After taking a break and thinking it through I went back to the original #actionshackathon brief and found a few existing Actions I could add to .yml file such as Setup node. Then I can run the bash commands directly in the yml file, hook in the add commit action and pop the created Eleventy site back in the repo.


I'm all about keeping things simple but often find myself being bogged down in the process as I have along this journey. However in the end I've got the process I was looking for in place by using two existing actions with my 11ty set up in the middle.

Here's how it flows:

Create Eleventy site

When creating the Eleventy site I set this up as I would for a new project. After installing the npm package I create some files and directories that I use in all my projects.

  • An .eleventyignore file which ignores the README file and assets directory.
  • An .eleventy.js file which sets the output directory to docs - perfect for GitHub Pages use
  • A README file
  • A partials directory and all the partial .scss files that I usually use. I use NodeSass to compile these.
  • An assets directory, I usually keep all my design and source files in here.


This action is now published! View it here. Checkout the Repo here.

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