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I recommend Flywheel for all my customers who are going down the WordPress route.
It's a no brainer.

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When I need more control over my stack, I use DigitalOcean. It's one of the best around and it's cheap too!

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GitHub Actions Hackathon - NPM

So, NPM isn't found. That'll be because it's not installed - which isn't an issue, we need to install Node and that'll install it for us.

How do we install Node? Easy, apt install nodejs - except this throws the apt not found error. Why? Because I've not built a Javascript action... I've build a Docker Container action 🤦

Creating a Javascript action?

Hopefully, this shouldn't be too much work. Let's use the action I've already got locally and run NPM install here and push this back up - as advised in the docs here. BUT, this isn't what I need either as I can't execute my .sh script with JS action... what I need to do is use the correct Docker image and I should be able to run the NPM commands.

More progress. I've updated the .sh file to include the apt install nodejs command. I'm now getting Unable to locate package nodejs, as a quick fix I've tried adding sudo but to no avail - as expected to be honest.

Finding Node

This turned out to be more work than I thought. I'm now learning some parts of Docker to try and install node as part of Dockerfile. After some work I've got this working as part of the Dockerfile, I'm still getting the npm not found error though but I think I may be able to get this to work in the Dockerfile too.

🎉🎉 We're error free

After adding the npm install to the Dockerfile the process ran all the way through BUT I don't seem to have any directory in the repo as I did before.

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