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The K.B Pro Shop was in need of a fresh look and refined approach to it's product configurations. In 2019 I took the lead on the shop redesign project with a primary focus on refining the user experience and increasing revenue.

This redesign was required as the previous skin was riddled with design and user experience issues. On the homepage alone there were a number of noticeable flaws: the basket icon seemed to randomly placed in the header, the main body of the homepage was a duplication of the navigation, the about text and latest products were too far down the page and appeared below the first fold - to name a few.

To rectify this I've stripped the site right back to the brands colour pallete, making use of the white space and following the designers input when possible. The focus of the homepage is now the latest promotion(s), which are featured in a carousel, and links to the main categories of the site sit just beneath. Additonally, we refined the navigation to simplify the category offerings which allows for an improved user experience and potenitally an increase in sales as users can find their desired product easier.


On the previous version of the K.B Pro shop the pigment products were set up separately, using categories to define size and having a unique product per colour - simplifying this was crucial to improving the design and user experience. We rebuilt these into configurable products with size and pigment colour as product options and slashed the number of products in category creating a much simpler approach.