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K.B Pro

A ground-up rebuild on the latest version of WordPress wrapped around a recently re-skinned Magento store. The site was built working closely with the designers at every stage of the build.

Training Dates

The training dates page pulls from an api endpoint, this is essentially the full-page version of the Nouveau Lashes Training Dates Widget.

Bespoke Training Sliders

On the training pages the designers wanted a bespoke slider that would overlay the copy, whoch fades away, as the content was navigated. After some complex JS calculations and layering of elements we achieved the desired result.

Training Dates Widget

Treatment Calculator

The treatment calculator allows a potential trainee to work out their potential earnings depending on the number of treatments performed per week and how much they could charge per treatment.


Forms are built on a per-page basis with each field and checkbox optional. Validation is perfomted using parsley and recaptcha to prevent spam submission.

Training Dates Widget

Brow Style Guide

An innovative idea from the design team, the Brow Style Guide deomstrates the effect each of the new glider needles have on persons brow. The effects can be toggled and layered above one another as the customer would in a treatment.

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Glider Launch

A bespoke design, The Glider Landing page outside any of the current templates for the site to add some flair to this campaign and the new product launch.

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